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Why Heat pumps?

Start Reducing Energy Bills and Carbon Footprint

National MCS Accredited Heat Pumps Installer

Climate Change is Real >>> Future Generations Need us to Act Now

Check Basic Feasibility for a Heat Pump here

UK Government Mission to Help Save the Planet from Climate Change is Being Written into Law.

We All Need to Start Making Changes NOW.

Mission >>> 78% carbon emissions reduction by 2035

Heat Pumps and Renewables are a Major Part of our Future

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Why Invest in Renewables

The future is dependent on renewables the sooner you invest the sooner you start benefiting.

National Ground and Air Source Heat Pump Installer

Climate Change will affect us all in the future. Anything we can do to reduce the impact or risk of the predictions forecast for ourselves and future generations should be started now, this includes investing in renewables. Any investment into renewables will reduce energy bills and improve your EPC, making any property more saleable whilst giving financial benefits at the same time as reducing your carbon footprint.

It’s not a case of if but when you decide to invest in renewables. As time ticks by the government will do more than just encourage us with incentives like the Renewable Heat Incentive Payments (RHI), the next stage could be to impose penalties or a complete ban on using fossil fuel burning boilers. (This is an educated prediction) It’s been proven that fossil fuel burning boilers are inefficient, first used in the 1950s this old invention is due to be phased out. Fossil fuels are depleting at a rapid rate, oil, LPG and solid fuels will increase in price plus the government generally tax items they prefer we didn’t use. Boilers and gas cookers are banned from new builds from 2025. The green TAX will increase over the coming years.

Most people have money in banks paying very little interest with the inflation generally running higher than interest rate, you lose money each year.

 You are better investing in renewables helping future proof yourself against ever increasing energy bills.

It really is a no brainer
Ground & Air Source Heat Pumps are the Future of Heating in the UK

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Renewables are part of our future

The Government supported Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) has been put in place to encourage take up from home owners across the UK to invest in heat pumps along with other technologies to replace old fossil fuel burning boilers that are inefficient. The rollout of heat pumps needs to happen for the UK to reach the carbon reduction targets. The Government is aiming to be installing 600,000 heat pumps each year in the future.

When you invest in upgrading a heating system with a heat pump, you will receive the Renewable Heat Incentive Payments (RHI) as long as you meet the requirements from Ofgem by meeting the basic standard home insulation basic measures.

The RHI Payments, savings and the cost of the alternative should give you a payback period of 5-7 years on average >> this is a guide. Longer term, the benefits are based on the ongoing saving making this investment completely worthwhile. Also the heat pumps have a much longer life expectancy than fossil fuel burning boilers. It’s time to invest and future proof yourself as well as going green.

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Making your home more sustainable is important

Heat Pumps are the future of heating in the UK

Ground and Air Source Heat Pumps (GSHP & ASHP) is the technology that has progressed over the years to become the replacement for fossil fuel burning boilers heating homes. Heat Pumps are far more energy-efficient than boilers. Should we all rip out our old boilers “YES” if possible, subject to your financial situation. By replacing your boilers you will reduce your carbon footprint and on top of this, you will be paid the RHI Payments as well as all the benefits of saving.

Everyone has an obligation to start becoming greener, the benefits of doing so makes this a worthwhile investment for everyone. You are investing in your own and families future. Why wouldn’t we all invest in Renewables >>> That is a question Green Tech Surveys asks all the time…

More and more people are beginning to realize and understand the benefits of renewables, it’s time for us all to start making changes. Let us show you the benefits…

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We all can decide what type of world we live in- Reduce your Carbon Footprint

What should we all be doing to help?

It is worthwhile updating your Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) as this will show how you can make improvements to the EPC. This totally unbiased document clearly indicates the improvements that you can make and shows you how beneficial this would be once you’ve actioned the suggested improvements. Here is a basic guide that will help to reduce the running cost of your home.

Loft insulation

Double glazing

Cavity wall insulation

Floor insulation

In wall or outer wall insulation on solid walls

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In an Ideal World we would all have super efficient homes but the reality is, we don’t

Most of the UK population lives in older properties, therefore it makes the task more difficult to achieve the goals of having the most energy efficient property. One thing we can all do is to make the improvements and invest in renewables so that our homes are as good as they could be. Any investment in any of the suggestions made will help reduce energy bills, so do whatever you can, as everything will help towards reducing the carbon footprint.

Individually if we can do what little, together we can make a massive difference

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Air Source and Ground Heat Pumps work by extracting heat from natural environment

and using this to supply heating and hot water to your

home or business

Heat pumps are being promoted as the future of the heating industry within the UK. Interest in air source and ground source

The incentive will not be here forever you are better taking advantage of this opportunity if the capital is available, as you could receive a higher return on investment than leaving the money in the bank, along with all the other benefits why wouldn’t you?

In the near future all home owners will start investigating the benefits of heat pumps, just as you are doing now. The sooner you invest, the sooner you can start benefiting from a more energy efficient heating system.

The RHI Payment will only be around for a short time so act “now”. Heat pumps are growing in popularity as they can provide heat and hot water to homes at 3 times the efficiency of a gas or oil boiler, all without emitting any pollution in to our atmosphere. The committee of Climate Change have suggested that gas boilers are banned from new build properties.

This is just the start, moving forwards the next stage could be if your fossil fuel burning boilers fails then you won’t be allowed to replace this with another fossil fuel burning boiler.

It’s said that burning fossil fuel boilers for heating homes represents an overall contribution of carbon emissions equal to 14% of total emissions created. There are around 27 million owner-occupier homes in the UK, all of them need to switch to a low-carbon alternative, and the sooner the better. Heat Pumps emit zero emissions creating a renewable heat source. Heat pumps can save from 20% & 50% of the cost of some heating systems.

heat pump Installations and the industry as a whole is growing and developing at a faster pace than ever before, starting to gather momentum.

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Here are just a few of the Brands we install

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Let’s make our world a better place to live

Heat pumps will be ‘the primary heating technology for new homes.

Heat pumps will replace failing fossil fuel burning boilers.

  • The Renewable Heat Incentive is Limited to March 2022, time is ticking by so you are better off investigating the benefits sooner rather than later…Link to Renewable Heat Incentive:
  • The following document states that “a low carbon heating system will be integral to the specification of the Future Homes Standard and we anticipate that heat pumps will become the primary heating technology for new homes.” This confirms that the future of heating with the UK is heat pumps.  Here is a link to the Government 10 Point Plan to help make the UK greener…
  • Other Renewable Energy providers will also start following suit we believe that Octopus is also about to launch a new heat pump tariff. New homes will include heat pumps
  • The transition from fossil fuel burning boilers to heat pumps is not without obstacles, the initial outlay is out of reach for most people, the cost of electric is 3 times more than gas and national grid network needs upgrading to manage the higher demand for electric.

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Green Tech Surveys look forward to chatting and helping you soon.