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solar pv

The Future Depends on Renewables

Solar Photovoltaic Panels

Renewable energy is part of our future and the more people that invest in renewable technologies including solar panels will help themselves and reduce carbon emissions. Why have solar panels installed?

Become more independent from the national grid

Solar panels will generate electricity from the suns radiation (Photons) that will penetrate clouds, so even if it isn’t sunny you can still generate power from solar panels. Solar panels will produce more electric in direct sunlight, the orientation, pitch, quality of the panels and size of the installation are all key factors to how much electric you could generate. The general advice is maximising the number of solar panels (kWs) you can install.

Some panels are designed to generate more electric from our UK weather pattern than others, it’s important that you invest in the correct technology. You need to select a solar panel that works better in lowlight conditions.

Once you have worked out what size solar PV system is suitable for the location of installation an estimated amount of kWhs per year can be worked out for you. This will allow you to work out a payback period from the amount of kWhs, savings and payment generated from the unused electric against the cost, this will give you a good estimate of the payback period.

Green Tech Surveys only use the best quality solar panels that best perform under low light conditions that are within the top 5 solar panels recommended by an independent survey.

Green Tech Surveys offer a fast, friendly, professional service for any size solar panel installation.

Domestic installations are generally completed in one day.

Commercial installation depends on the size and type of installation.

Green Tech Surveys can install both domestic and commercial installation of solar PV.

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The Survey needs completing correctly because this is the information that allows an engineer to create the heating design for that property. It's important and crucial for a successful renewable energy-efficient heating system to be installed.

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