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renewable heat incentive

Government Backed Renewable Heat Incentive for both Domestic and Commercial Customers

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) has been introduced to encourage home & business owners to invest in a greener heating solution.

What is the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive?

By switching from an old heating system such as a fossil fuel burning boiler to a more sustainable form of heating will help reduce carbon emission. The UK will not reach climate change targets unless more properties have heat pumps installed.

The sooner you install a heat pump the better as you should reduce energy bills and benefit from the Renewable Heat Incentive.

The Renewable Heat Incentive works similar to the old feed-in tariff on solar panels but over a shorter period of time.

RHI is paid for seven years in quarterly payments by Ofgem.

Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP)

The average domestic RHI payments for ASHP’s will be from £4,000 to £10,500 contribution towards the cost of the heating upgrade.

Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP)

The average domestic RHI payments for GSHP’s will be from £18,000 to £28,000.

The GSHP will cost a lot more to install with a larger upfront payment needed.

The RHI payments are an incentive for property owners to invest in this greener more sustainable way of providing both space heat and hot water demand.

The Renewable Heat Incentive is limited and will end in April 2022, also this payment is subject to being reduced depending on the number of installations installed in the previous quarter. Once you have submitted a successful application to Ofgem for the RHI payments you are locked in for seven years. If you would like to find out what amount of RHI payments you could receive then contact Green Tech Surveyors to arrange a quotation.

Commercial installation can benefit from 20 years of RHI payments.

Don’t miss out, find out want you could be paid for upgrading your heating system.

Most installations of heat pumps are installed at £0 cost as you may receive all the money back over the 7 years in energy savings, RHI payments & the cost of the alternative.


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The Survey needs completing correctly because this is the information that allows an engineer to create the heating design for that property. It's important and crucial for a successful renewable energy-efficient heating system to be installed.

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