Yes Green Tech Surveys can supply quotes for everything related to renewables. Air to Air is not supported by the RHI scheme. Green Tech Surveys are happy providing all the information that will help you reach the final decision that is best suited to the property and your budget. Green Tech Survey will advise on the best suitable option at the same time giving you options. A bivalent heating system means leaving a boiler in situ this would mean the RHI is metered for payments. Sometimes at bivalent heating system is the best solution depending on the property a survey will show the overall heat demand that determines the size of the heat pump. You are best waiting until a survey has been completed because the heat design will show the best bespoke option for the property. You are better avoiding where possible leaving a boiler in situ for a number of reasons. A poor quality installer that lacks experience would tend to recommend this can compensate for a bad installation. In this case the heating system could mainly depend on the boiler. You are better off having good air source heat pump installation that is bespoke designed for the property first time.

Contact Green Tech Surveys if you would like more information about air source heat pumps.