Yes we would be able to determine this before the installation started and/or the RHI application. The EPC inspector would/needs to check this. I would request that the EPC inspector checks this in detail. Green Tech Surveys can help with all aspects of insulation. The average cost of an EPC is £70-£120 depending on the size of the property. The EPC needs to be no more than 2 years old at the point of RHI application. If a cavity wall is feasible to be filled then this does need to be shown on the EPC at the point of RHI application. This is within the homeowner’s interest to insulate the property to stop heat escaping this will reduce bills. The more you insulate the property the less it will cost to heat also reducing carbon emissions making the home or business more sustainable. Sometimes a property can be hard to treat therefore becomes exempt.

The Domestic RHI scheme rules state that you must install loft and/or cavity wall insulation before applying, if it’s listed as a recommendation on your Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).

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