A complete list of room by room of BTU requirements (British Thermal Units) will be provided within the survey report. Green Tech Surveys can install new standard panel radiators unless you prefer designer type radiators. Green Tech Surveys are happy that our customers select and supply their own radiator if they want. Green Tech Surveys will install them. It’s important that each room has the correct sized radiator installed so the heat pump can heat each room to the desired temperatures. If you leave old radiators that are under sizes then the heat pump will over work and cost far more to run. You are 100% better off getting the installation correct first time. Green Tech Survey’s will advise and guide on all aspects of the air source heat pump installation. It’s important to ensure that the design of the renewable heating system being installed using a heat pump is bespoke for each property to maximise the energy efficiency of the heat pump installation. The more efficient the heat pump installation the less the running costs will be also less carbon emission. Green Tech Surveys will recycle radiators where possible to reduce waste and costs.

Contact Green Tech Surveys if you would like more information about air source heat pumps.