This is worked out using the MCS (MCS: NAP/34010/20/1 Microgeneration Certification Scheme) calculator based on a number of factors that the engineer has worked out from the survey report.

The space heat and hot water demand that you will find on the EPC for the property if this is less than 7 years old is a good indicator of how much you could be awarded. Older EPC’s do not show this information so a new EPC will be needed. If you do have this information on the EPC then you will see the amount of kWh’s for both the Space Heat and How Water Demand this can be a good guide to how much you would be awarded. Green Tech Surveys are happy giving you a guide to how much RHI you would receive based on some core information just contact us.

The application is a simple online process with Ofgem. A complete guide is available contact us for this.

Before installation an estimated RHI payment will be provided. This tends to be a conservative estimate. This information can be gained from the Survey and heat loss calculations.

After completion of the installation

Once Ofgem has agreed this amount it is fixed for 7 years index linked and TAX free. Payments are paid ever three months direct to you. Once the installation has been completed and commissioned you receive the Customer Handover Pack an appointment will be made to complete the RHI application generally within 2-3 weeks this application is processed then paid every three months for 7 years.

If you have any more questions about the RHI payment do contact Green Tech Surveys