YES a good installation based a bespoke renewable heat design will provide all the heating and hot water demand needed. Most domestic properties will only need one heat pump. Air Source heat pumps come in different shapes and sizes ranging from 5kW to 17kW. It’s really important that the following basics are covered to ensure you have a successful installation.

  • Quality survey
  • Experienced person dealing with heat loss calculations, heat loading and heat design
  • BTU’s are worked out for each room and radiators changed where needed
  • Experienced person carrying out the Pre Installation Survey to plan the installation for the installation team
  • Top quality equipment, machinery, parts and material used for the installation
  • Experienced installation team that install the renewable heating system
  • Post installation inspection and commission by a qualified person

The head pump installation needs to be installed so it works at the coldest temperatures when the property most needs heating.

Green Tech Surveys only work to the above high standards understanding the reasonability that we have to our customers. Green Tech Surveys are completely responsible for the heating systems that we install. The owner of the Green Tech Surveys dictates the quality of every installation ensuring and maintaining the highest standards.

Contact Green Tech Surveys if you would like more information about air source heat pumps.