Yes in most cases you do. The water cylinder needs to be compatible with the air source heat pump. Green Tech Surveys use the top 3 brands in water cylinder. Green Tech Surveys will not compromise on quality of materials, equipment, machinery, or parts used in any area of the installation.

The water cylinder will be sizes correctly for the property. A guide is 50 litres per person per shower per day and excess of 50 litres for general use per day equals the size of the water cylinder. Also take into consideration future proofing the property it’s not just about how many people live in the property now but how many could live in the property in the future if you were to sell or pass the property onto a family member.

If you have solar thermal installed already you may have a compatible water cylinder already in place this could be checked on the survey.

The entire heating and hot water system will need to be compatible with the air source heat pump so the entire renewable heating system can reach maximum efficiency.

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