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ground source heat pumps

Ground Source Heat Pumps you could Benefit from the Renewable Heat Incentive Payments.

Install the heating technology of the future, it’s a greener more sustainable form of heating.

Invest in greener heating for your home or business.

Both commercial and domestic installations installed by Green Tech Surveys.

Commercial RHI payments can be an amazing return on investment ask for more information.

1. Domestic RHI payments are paid by Ofgem over 7 years.

2. Commercial RHI payments are paid by Ofgem over 20 years.

Efficiency of Ground Source Heat Pumps?

The efficiency of ground source heat pump are far better than old fashioned boilers for each unit of electricity consumed by a heat pump, there can be up to 3-4 units of heat generated and then transferred. Overall heat pumps are far more energy-efficient than boilers.

Heat pumps emit far less pollution into the atmosphere than boilers, this can be as high as 70% less carbon emissions, this is the reason why the UK government are offering home and business owners the Renewable Heat Incentive. The UK government cannot achieve the target of zero carbon emission by 2050 without people embracing this energy-efficient technology.

Every home & business should be investigating the benefits of heat pumps.

So you can maximise the benefits of any heat pump installation you must have an experienced team behind every aspect of the survey, design, installation and overall set up of the system. The standard of equipment used is also important.

Installing any heat pump correctly will give you a more sustainable energy saving efficient heating system that will reduce carbon emissions.

Ground source heat pumps can be installed in two main ways either borehole or ground loops if you are having the ground loops you will need suitable land to lay the ground loops in. An investigation into both options can be explored.

Ground source heat pumps have come on leaps and bounds in the last 10 years, the technology has become more effective and reducing the cost and installation time. It’s definitely worthwhile having a survey completed and allowing an engineer to design the best bespoke solution for the property.

It’s time for change

Fossil fuel boilers need to be phased out now. Invest in a heat pump and do your bit towards reducing carbon emissions Contact Green Tech Surveys the professionals at designing heating systems of the future…

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The Survey needs completing correctly because this is the information that allows an engineer to create the heating design for that property. It's important and crucial for a successful renewable energy-efficient heating system to be installed.

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