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Welcome to Green Tech Surveyors.

One of the Leading Groups of Professional Renewable Heating Engineers.

Starting from ground level this company has been built on solid foundations with decades of experience and knowledge with top qualifications. Green Tech Surveyors core team that heads the business is made up of highly experience-qualified heating engineers. The team specialise in designing and installing renewable heating systems that last for decades for both domestic and commercial customers.

All renewable heating systems depend on some key factors that will make the difference from being energy efficient that will save money, to a system that is inefficient. Green Tech Surveyors focus on heating designs and installations to ensure that each customer has the best possible working system.

Why Choose Green Tech Surveyors?

1. The survey needs completing correctly because this is the information that allows an engineer to create the heating design for that property. It’s important and crucial for a successful renewable energy-efficient heating system to be installed.

2. The heat loss calculations are worked out from the information gathered from the survey, this information is then used to create the bespoke heating design. All aspects of the property is used within the calculations, from the fabric of the property, floor type, complete room measurements, windows, current insulation, age of the property and much more. Once the bespoke heating design has been completed this will show what’s needed for a successful energy-efficient working system to be installed. From the size of radiators for each room, size of water cylinder, location of the heat pump, what size heat pump is needed to provide the heating and hot water and much more… The engineer’s report is comprehensive, without this document the installation team would be working blind. This again is a crucial part of every job.

3. Quality of equipment, parts, fixtures, fitting and every part of the bespoke installation needs to be of high standard and MCS accredited. Green Tech Surveyors only use household brands for the heat pump that provide industry leading equipment with insurance backed guarantees warranties. All part of the installation needs to be of excellent quality and standards. Green Tech Surveyors won’t compromise on quality within any aspect of the installation.

4. The installation team needs to be qualified and trained to a high level combine with knowledge, skill, professionalism and experience backed and supported by a group of industry leading renewable engineers. The bespoke installation of a renewable heating system will not be rushed by Green Tech Surveyors so we can maintain the quality, ensuring that the customer ends up with an energy efficient system. Customer satisfaction is the main goal.

Heat pumps are the future of UK heating and hot water, this technology has been used for decades, the last few years have seen a massive take up because of the government-backed RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) payments available to all.

You could be benefits from:

  1. Government backed Renewable Heat Incentive payments.
  2. Savings on Energy Bills.
  3. The cost of the alternative

Fossil fuel burning boilers were introduced in the 1950s and are now set to be phased out (boilers will be banned) old boilers using oil, LPG, solid fuel or mains gas are polluting our planet. Heat pumps are far more energy-efficient they are much cleaner, using natural sources to help produce heat.

After years of running 100s of national installation teams installing renewable heating systems throughout the UK Green Tech Surveyors are here to make a difference. All work is inspected by a core team of engineers before installation starts, during installation and on commissioning of every system so our standards are maintained.

Contact Green Tech Surveyors for more information or to book a survey so that you can start the ball rolling.


Green Tech Surveys look forward to chatting and helping you soon.

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The Survey needs completing correctly because this is the information that allows an engineer to create the heating design for that property. It's important and crucial for a successful renewable energy-efficient heating system to be installed.

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