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Green Tech Surveys is a quality domestic and commercial heat pump Installation Company that installs heat pumps nationwide

Green Tech Surveys specialise in installing Bespoke Air Source Heat Pump Installations using the highest calibre of all components, machines, materials, and parts using our experienced installation teams.

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Welcome to Green Tech Surveys

The world of renewables is a fast moving industry which includes heat pump technology. It is worthwhile dealing with a company that understands the importance of installing a heat pump efficiency maximising the benefits of the latest technologies. The heat pump should be designed so it heats the home efficiently on the coldest days. 

Heat pumps have become more energy efficient, capable of heating homes and businesses alike as well as providing hot water and are designed to be quieter over the last decade. This dispels the old myths about noisy old machines that unable to heat homes and/or provide hot water. Any heat pump should be installed to be fit for purpose under strict guidelines, rules and regulations that governs this industry.

Green Tech Surveys look forward to chatting and helping you soon.

Heat pumps should be designed to maximise the efficiency of the entire renewable heating system heating homes/businesses and providing hot water. The only way this can be achieved is by designing a bespoke solution for each property. It’s important to have a survey, heat loss calculations and bespoke heat design. Without this, it is impossible to design an efficient solution for a property. It is worthwhile investing the time to make sure you get this right. A bad heat pump installation could cost a great deal more each year to run. It could possibly also reduce the life expectancy of the heat pump. In the worst cases of bad heat pump installations, it means the heat pump won’t heat the property on the coldest or moderate days.

Correctly installed heat pumps are the future of heating in the UK. The government has targeted 600,000 heat pumps being installed per year by 2028. The UK is currently installing around 30,000 heat pumps each year. This is a massive task to ramp up the installation capacity whilst maintaining quality.

Heat your home, not the planet.

Our renewable heating solutions harness energy from the environment, meaning that they do not rely on carbon or fossil fuels like traditonal heating systems.

Save money and the enviroment.

The Government RHI scheme means that you could take advantage of clean, green energy and make big savings against the cost of running your conventional heating system.

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Making applying easy.

Get in touch today and we can help you with the application process and find out how much you could be saving by switching to renewable energy.

Green Tech Surveys look forward to chatting and helping you soon.

Green Tech Surveys core team have been submerged in the renewable energy industry for decades before establishing this business. Benefiting from having extensive experience and knowledge of installing the following technologies:
Air source heat pumps
Ground source heat pumps
Renewable Heat Incentive
Solar Thermal
Battery Storage System
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Questions & Answers
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Latest News on Renewables & Climate Change

Green Tech Surveys look forward to chatting and helping you soon.

Solar PV Battery Storage and EV is all part of what Green Tech Surveys work towards helping create more sustainable homes and businesses of the future. Green Tech Survey can help guide both domestic and commercial customers to quality installations of all renewable technologies highlighted on this website.

The demand for heat pumps has increased because people are taking advantage of the Renewable Heat Incentive before this ends in March 2022. The Renewable Heat Incentive is in place to encourage home/business owners to take up heat pumps, converting from fossil fuels in order to reduce carbon emissions. Green Tech Surveys have decided to focus and specialise in Air Source Heat Pump installations only until March 2022. All Green Tech Surveys resources are now devoted to installing heat pumps because of the demand. Prediction at present is that all the good companies will be booked to capacity by November until March. Already, the lead times for installation are becoming longer than normal because of availability of equipment and capacity to install. The demand for heat pumps will outweigh the installation capacity, leaving many people disappointed.

Here are just a few of the Brands we install

Green Tech Surveys look forward to chatting and helping you soon.

Green Tech Surveys have partnered with a number of established companies that specialise in each individual technology allowing us to provide the following high quality services such as:

Ground Source Heat Pumps (Minimum 3-4 months lead time)

Solar PV

Battery Storage


EV charging point


Swimming pool heat pump heating

What Our Customers Say

Mr Clarke had an old hot air heating system this was replaced with complete wet system installed using a Grant air source heat pump. Air Source Heat Pump Installation by Green Tech Surveys, 24 June 2021

Here is some feedback on the experience with Green Tech Surveys:
My house had a gas powered warm air system and was built with the warm air ducts and no radiators. It was getting old and some parts were no longer available. Having carefully thought about it I decided go for a radical change to a heat pump and considerably reduce the carbon dioxide produced when heating my house and water. I found several companies who could install heat pumps and invited two to come and quote.
Green Tech Surveys were careful to survey house and put together a well thought out quotation. They used ingenuity to fit system into house making best use of space. They specified a bespoke hot water tank so it would fit in the space where the old hot water tank was. My house is a small three bedroom semi-detached built in the 1970s. The other quotation could not be fitted in the space I had available. Green Tech Surveys fitted radiators with minimal pipework showing. All but one radiators on internal walls, to improve efficiency. Grant air sourced heat pump HPID6R32 is very quiet when operating, need to be within a few metres to hear it.
They offer help applying for renewable heat incentive.
Mr Thompson upgraded from an old outside oil fossil fuel boiler to a renewable heating system using a Grant heat pump.
Mr Thompson had installed new larger sized radiators in the property. The water cylinder was relocated/installed in the loft.

Here is some feedback on the experience with Green Tech Surveys: Green Tech Surveys have been very professional and hardworking throughout the heat pump installation, keeping me fully informed of timescales and installing everything on the dates agreed. Plumbing and electrical work was done to a high standard, and a small amount of follow up work was done promptly post the initial install, so I’m very happy with the work done.
Customer Mr Richard D lives in Oxford had a Grant HP1D13 R32 Air Source Heat Pump Installed April 2021

Here is some feedback on the experience with Green Tech Surveys: After consulting with a number of suppliers of ASHP solutions I decided to progress with GTS. They fully explained the process and what to expect at each stage of the installation. I had confidence that they knew what they were doing and had a very professional attitude. From the initial survey through to the installation of the system they were always on hand to answer any questions. The installation teams were friendly, efficient and tidy. I'm confident that this level of support will continue through the life of the system.
Mr & Mrs Coleridge near Oxford Centre they had a GivEnergy Battery Storage Unit and Grant Air Source Heat Pump installed in June 2021

"GreenTech Surveys couldn’t have been more attentive and helpful in designing the heat pump and battery storage system that we have just had installed. The technicians who were with us for 4 days to fit the components were good company and unfailingly considerate; the obvious pride in the quality of their workmanship was fully justified. The result more than meets our expectations. Everyone should think seriously about these solutions to ‘going green’; I thoroughly recommend letting GreenTech Surveys show you how to do it."

Green Tech Surveys look forward to chatting and helping you soon.


Green Tech Surveys look forward to chatting and helping you soon.